About us

About us

At Magil Laurentian, we are uniquely positioned to approach asset management and property management from an owner's perspective. We have a proven track record of superior financial performance and high rates of tenant retention.

We draw upon extensive industry expertise, in-depth market knowledge and are equipped with the latest management and reporting tools to efficiently meet the needs of our institutional and private clients.

We have access to capital and are actively sourcing real estate investment opportunities in conjunction with our clients.

We are passionate about real estate.

Magil Laurentian is proud to announce that both PLACE VICTORIA and LE WINDSOR won THE BUILDING OF THE YEAR AWARD, in their respective categories at the BOMA Awards Ceremony.

THE BUILDING OF THE YEAR AWARD is the most prestigious and comprehensive program of its kind in the commercial real estate industry in North America, recognizing excellence in property management, operations, resource conservation, environmental awareness, leasing and building design, customer service and innovation.